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The Number One Nutrient

Water is the number one nutrient for the skin. More moisturizers are sold than any other beauty product, and for good reason. Water is the key to healthy skin. With properly hydrated skin, not only is your skin healthier, it also look smoother, fine lines and wrinkles disappear, and roughness diminishes. It stands to reason that any product that can help the skin retain and build its moisture is the most important ingredient for healthy skin.

Phytoceramides – How They Work

The outer layer of your skin is made up of skin cells and connecting lipids. Think of the skin cells as the bricks and the lipids as the mortar. When the lipids—which are made up of over 40% ceramides—break down, the skin barrier is compromised and moisture is lost. It has been shown that we constantly lose ceramides as we age by Dr. Imokhwa. Worse yet, most foods we eat do not contain ceramides, and the only way to fight this aging process is to supplement with phytoceramides from plants.

When taken as a suppplement, the rice-based ceramides work their way through the body and into the outer layers of the skin, rebuilding the lipid barrier and preserving moisture for improved skin health and appearnce.

Rice Ceramide Works Best

Numerous test have been done regarding the effectiveness of rice, wheat, corn and tuber-based ceramides for moisturizing, fibroblast growth and anti-inflammatory effect. in every cases, rice-based ceramides outperformed all others. See Imokhwa for complete details. In many of these tests, Ceramide-PCD was used, and the moisturizing effect is shown below

Clinical Trial Results of Ceramide-PCD for moisturizing Effect.

Ceramide-PCD® was clinically tested in Japan to study the moisturizing effects on people. This study, released June 1, 2000, was completed by an independent third party at Soiken, Japan, Institute of General Medical Sciences. Moisture retention, dryness, roughness and appearance of the skin were all tested and analyzed by both dermatologist and 3-Dimensional microscopic analyses (VISIOSCAN by Courage and KhazaGmbh).

The result:

Ceramide-PCD was demonstrated to be effective in prevention of skin dryness and roughness by objective measurement in addition to observation by physicians.

Dry skin is characterized by a lack of moisture in its corneous layer, resulting in tightness and even flaking. The skin appears dull, especially on the cheeks and around the eyes. It may lack elasticity, with accentuated fine lines and wrinkles. In more severe cases, itching and burning may occur. Extremely dry skin shows signs of cracking and fissuring.

Results from 23 Year Old Woman

Before Taking Ceramide-PCD

6 Weeks After Taking Ceramide-PCD